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   Manufacturing ERP software assists with the planning and execution of manufacturing projects by tracking suppliers, materials and production costs and supporting the maintenance of relationships with end customers. This class of software covers the gamut of ERP from the accounting systems that track accounts for international giants, to the shop scheduling system that your local metal shop uses. Regardless of the scale of the system, software for manufacturers helps increase productivity and improves management of the product lifecycle from design concept to production planning to field service.
   Over the years, we've spoken to hundreds of manufacturing software buyers. As a point of reference we developed our own ERP product. Key questions analyzed while developing.
• What methods do buyers currently use to track manufacturing processes?
• What are the top reasons for a manufacturing software purchase?
• What are the top manufacturing application requirements?

Benefit of Manufacturing ERP:
• Better planning and tracking leads to operations that generate less waste and less scrap, reducing environmental impact for those firms. Additionally, as more documentation is kept electronically, it reduces waste paper and cuts paper costs.
• Better planning, better resource allocation and reduced waste are all goals of lean disciplines.
• Many manufacturers are subject to strict compliance regulations because of the materials they use, the products they manufacture, or the raw materials they consume. Software can generate much of the required documentation as a consequence of ordering and receiving materials and equipment.

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