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   Our profession is to support Digitalization of health care. Digital health is not a new concept; the convergence of health care and the Internet”. It refers to the product and businesses that apply modern technologies- the web, mobile, cloud. Digital healthcare brings the promise of increased quality of care, reduced errors and reduced cost and overhead in the provision of care.
   We support the professional at the intersection of healthcare and technology as Catalyst. Our offshore healthcare development services cater to the entire healthcare system, extensively focusing on flexible technology and innovative approaches to make information comprehensible and faster for healthcare organizations and people who work for the same. This helps healthcare organizations to deliver high quality healthcare product development services in terms of safety and accessibility. We blend our technical expertise with your insights to create an all-inclusive user experience. We believe that the healthcare industry requires every single bit of information that adds to the betterment of it. The challenge however, lies in extracting this data from your database. We use business intelligence and various analytics tools to extract all the data from your database and create a data warehouse for future use.

Aggregating and Importing Database
   From maintaining databases of doctors to maintaining medical record, our inclination is towards aggregating and importing database from different data sources like Entrust, TMB and NPI. Even a simple search box that we provide can get information based on distance searches based on Zip Code and user IP. Our offshore healthcare development services provide search features based on medical procedures, facility searches, and mappings between medical procedures and Practitioners.

MDX Scripts, Business Intelligence
   We are also affluent with technologies that enable healthcare product development using data mining, translations, MDX Scripts, Business Intelligence and Semi additive Measures using SQL Server. These enterprise solutions will not only increase insight and responsiveness, but also reduce overall data complexity.

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