We follow our own derived software development method to deliver the client project on time with full specification.

Step 1: Requirement gathering by sitting with client.
Step 2: Sharing our idea, if client need of any support.
Step 3: deriving the architecture view for the requirement specification.
Step 4: Preparing the Scope and SOW (which include time and resources allocated for the               project)
Step 5: Verifying /signing the contract between two parties.
Step 6: We deserve the advance payment during the kick start of the process.
Step 7: Sharing the requirement with production team.
Step 8: Team lead will guide the team regarding development process.
Step 9: In case of any clarification regarding the project, TL will sit for the call to fix the issue with client/ meanwhile he will sit for review call depend upon the client requirement.
Step 10: once project is in final stage, we start doing the pilot testing.
Step 11: We ask client to do user acceptance test.
Step 12: If client satisfied UAT 100%, the final stage is sign off the contract.
Step 13: Here we start maintenance and support, depends on the project volume.
Step 14: Asking for testimonial about our quality service.

As a software development company, we work with clients abroad in different timezones. The clients do not see us face-to-face. So it is very important for us to communicate clearly with our clients and expect the same from them. We achieve that via emails and pre-scheduled conference calls.


Our Path

12 years in business
70+ clients
6+ domain expertise
Familiar with US health care domain