The way we define quality is not by bragging about the fact that we are the best. We believe that since we always aim for excellence, our definition of quality is what the customers think and feel about us in terms of the services rendered! We will never offer you something outdated as we are constantly on the mode of updating ourselves. Our professionals are receptive to the changing business landscape and can offer you customized IT solutions.

   Nohitatu Software Ltd. is committed to meeting our customer's expectations by supplying products and services that are reliable, meet functional requirements and are delivered on time. To ensure we meet this commitment we use a quality management system that consists of effective and efficient business processes. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of this quality system through measurement, analysis and action. We communicate our quality objectives and performance against these objectives throughout the company and to interested parties. It is the responsibility of all our staff to work together to ensure we meet this commitment to quality.

    Our quality policy will be the way you judge us from the kind of serve offered. We are always in the continuous mode of improving ourselves as there is always room for improvement considering the dynamicity by which the world of technology is characterized by. Our consistency and the urge to improve simultaneously are the cornerstone of operational excellence that we aim for. We are all geared up to give your business that extra nudge with our wide array of IT solutions.


    Benefits: :Best time-to-market: the client gets possibility to present working solution to the market long before the project is over. Iterative approach allows to adjust requirements while the project runs. This model is best for

  • The cases when time-to-market is crucial
  • Requirements are not specified to a sufficient level of detail
  • Development of large-scale applications with complex functionality.

(1)Such project organization implies quite significant involvement of the client's personnel.
(2) The total price of the project cannot be defined with 100% accuracy. We propose to define the project budget and set up priorities for all desired features. The highest priorities are developed first, the least important ones can be postponed or omitted in case of budget limitation.

DEDICATED TEAM: Near shore / Offshore Development Center (NDC/ODC)

  • A virtual extension of your team
  • Close collaboration with client's team
  • Per person monthly rates
  • In case of Build-Operate-Transfer model we transfer ownership of the team to the client after a pre-agreed period of time.

Benefits: the client gets full control over the NDC/ODC team's project workload. We provide all administrative, IT, HR and recruitment services with no additional cost for the client. Besides, the client can hire temporary additional staff for limited time periods. This model is good for long-term collaboration and maintenance projects.

Limitations: This model implies that project management is done partially by Nohitatu manager and partially by client's staff. That means more management input from the client's side. Thus, the client needs to assign person(s) who will be deeply involved in the software development process.