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Nohitatu , follows the best practices advocated by most and reported as industry standard. Our Project development plan or life cycle, in general, includes the key steps indicated below However, depending on clients' specifications, budget and time constraints, we skip some of the steps during development. In any project we advocate waterfall methodology, that is, to follow small incremental development path so the client will be able to quantify output and measure the speed of Nohitatu development team.


As a software development company, we work with clients abroad in different time zones. The clients do not see us face-to-face. So it is very important for us to communicate clearly with our clients and expect the same from them. We achieve that via emails and pre-scheduled conference calls. Project Manager is the person who understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for overall success. Here is the list of professional project management services provided by Nohitatu Solutions:

Coordination of Team Work is the most important duty of the project manager which includes:

  • leading the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released project;
  • determining requirements, resources and schedule for project implementation;
  • creating and maintaining technical and project documentation;
  • performing team assessment and evaluation;
  • assigning individual responsibilities within the team;
  • managing day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
  • Effective foreseeing, preventing and/or solving project issues.

Realistic Schedule Creation: Correct estimation of time needed for project implementation is important for a smooth working process. It also prevents from delays, failures and going over the budget.

Software Development Lifecycle Planning: Before starting the project our managers will provide you with detailed strategy of its development. Knowing the plan you will be able to track the working process or manage it yourself if needed.

Remote Project Management: Our project managers are able to control teams of IT experts scattered all over the world. Nevertheless, clients can always follow the development process easily. We use transparent and secure project management systems and prepare daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project.

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