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Nohitatu has delivered world-class Outsourced Product Development for more than 10 years. Nohitatu’s business analysis teams bring extensive industry-specific expertise to fully capture both the vision and business requirements for the software product. Our technical analysts consult with your teams to propose proven yet innovative approaches for achieving the performance, functionality and interface requirements. And Nohitatu’s UI design teams ensure the UI is intuitive and efficient for achieving business goals. Nohitatu employs a global delivery model that provides optimal value and superior quality for our clients.

The highly dynamic business environment and client’s shrinking budgets require ISVs to demonstrate the business value in their software products. The software applications now focus on enabling clients to work smarter by doing more with less, improving efficiencies and cutting costs without sacrificing quality. Towards this pursuit, leveraging new technologies, reducing development cost, acquiring new talent and getting faster to the market are on your agenda.

In the changing scenario, you are seeking integrated life-cycle services for making top line impact. Nohitatu works with you as your strategic partner who converts your product vision into a tangible design, scalable architecture, and finally a successful product. From the stage of formulation and conceptualization, usability engineering through prototyping, iterative refinement to actual implementation, documentation, training, technical support, maintenance and performance engineering, Nohitatu caters to all your outsourced software product development needs.

We first approach each outsourced software product development project from the business point of view. Together with the customer, the technical experts at Nohitatu and the Business Analysis team transforms the business requirements into software product design along with analyzing the technical feasibility and all the possible cutting edge technological alternatives keeping the market trends in mind. Nohitatu strongly believe in continual refinement of the blueprint by keeping the customer on the same page.

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