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Practice Management System

Practice Management System

  Software frequently allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain lists of insurance payers, perform billing tasks, and generate reports.

   Our client is running a clinic faced many difficulties in claim processing; they received their first payment after three week. This flow made them to delay in AR, lost schedule of the patient without a proper tool they felt so frustrated.

Solution we made
    We provide the concept of Practice Management to overcome burden they faced. We created this product on the basis abstract idea given by doctor. While developing we consider three phenomenon in our mind easy to learn, time rescue, success revenue.

Key features

   (i) Superior Scheduling
   (ii) Electronic eligibility verification
   (iii )Regular follow up
   (iv) Charge capturing billing
   (v) Express check-out
   (vi) Faster payment from patient
   (vii) Faster payment from payers



   • Patient Demography
   • Scheduling and recall
   • Billing
   • Electronic Process claim


Automated Notification:
    The one underpaid are prioritized in work list will help the staff to get a correct direction to get rid from client denial.
Proprietary claim inspector:
    Automatically scrub each claim, help to produce clean claim before submission.

   Freedom to use anywhere with internet & PC; simply login in your patient and billing data are always available. Your hospital and home are on the go. Feel like being in office with security.
   • Saves staff time—automatically checks eligibility and claims status
   • Allows staff to focus on exceptions
   • Improves efficiency of day-to-day operations

Dashboard-driven design gives physicians control of practice finances
   • Easy to use
   • Provides snapshot view of A/R and critical financial information

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