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   Dr. Larry & Dr. Portal is seeking a system to exchanges key clinical information such as patient histories and medication and allergy lists with referring physicians via integrated FAX and also looks for updating patient medication lists received from referring physicians and/or the local critical access hospital.


(i) Patient Encounter
    This is designed for work flow efficiency and operational control.Completely customizable patient encounter to complement the work style and clinical approach of every physician in your practice.

(ii) Health watcher
    Health Watcher automates sending those easy-to-forget reminders to your patients with medical advice and health care best practices

(iii) Physician Dashboard
    Your customizable view of schedules, test results, correspondence alerts, and quick-access to patient charts.

(iv) EPrescribing
   Electronic Prescription software delivers an automated process that provides efficiencies for both prescribers and pharmacies. In the case of a renewal, the pharmacy generates an authorization request that is delivered through the network to the doctor’s ePrescribing software solution.

(v) Patient Portal
   Give your patients a secure, convenient online portal to communicate, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, as well as make payments with a credit card.

(vi) Document & image management
   Easily manage documents, images, audio and video easily with AdvancedMD Electronic Health Record (EHR) software.

Specialty & Benefits

   When fully functional and exchangeable, the Specialty of of EHRs offer far more than a paper record can. EHRs:
• Improve quality and convenience of patient care
• Increase patient participation in their care
• Improve accuracy of diagnoses and health outcomes
• Improve care coordination
• Increase practice efficiencies and cost savings

   Major benefit is safety. In the past, the way a doctor obtained your health history was by asking you. Each time you visited a new doctor's office, you filled out forms about your history, including previous surgeries, or the drugs you take on a regular basis. If you forgot a piece of information, or if you didn't write it down because it seemed unimportant to you, then your doctor didn't have that piece of your medical puzzle to work with.

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