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   Accounting Payroll performs much of calculating payroll process for you, bringing you new opportunities to streamline, do more with less, and even do your own firm's payroll more efficiently. Batch-oriented, fully automated, and fully revolutionary, it's a new way to payroll. Start to finish.

Need of payroll:
    The task of payroll becomes complicated in today's industries due to multiple statutory requirements, MIS requirements, calculations based on slabs, formulas and other HR policies. Being Payroll as one of the important task of HR, the opportunities are growing rapidly for the position of HR and it is necessary for everyone who is dreaming of a HR job or for the position of an Accountant in a company or firm to study the entire process of Payroll.

How it works:
    The Payroll Management system pulls relevant data from the time and attendance module, leave management module, claims and reimbursement module etc. as applicable using the self-service portal and uses it as the input for salary calculation. It works in an industry sector with strength ranging from 50-50000 employees.

Features of Payroll:
• Party Registration
• Staff Master
• Shift Setting
• Holiday setting
• Leave setting
• Earning and deduction
• Attendance entry
• Pay slip archive
• Dash board
• Auto alert
• Report
• Staff list
• paid
Payroll benefits:
• Accurate payroll processing, month after month
• Increase productivity by eliminating routine, time-consuming tasks
• Reduce transaction costs
• Higher payroll quality leading to motivated employees & fewer complaints
• Comply with all statutory requirements like PF, ESI, Professional tax
• Automate ALL aspects of income tax
• Integration with financial accounting software be it Tally, SAP, or any other ERP solution
• Eliminate late night work-outs for year-end processing
• Get business intelligence with MIS reports

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