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Patient portal

Patient Portal

   The Patient Portal helps patients access their updated records, anytime and anywhere with secure access to charts, lab results, radiology reports, messages and statements.

   By doing ground work in doctor office and patient place, we found that patient find difficulties to meet doctors, doctors skip their scheduling without proper remainder. Patient hesitates to visit provider office to ask question about their health information.

Solution we made
   Patient Portal is a secure and private web-based portal. It enables patients and healthcare professionals to exchange documents, images, results and messages.

Key features

• Enter medical history on-line
• Exchange secure e-mail with their health care teams
• Send messages to their doctor’s office
• Complete New Patient Registration and Patient Pre-Registration
• Conduct Web consults
• Refill prescriptions
• Check lab results
• Schedule appointments
• View current and past account statements
• Obtain patient education materials

Key features

   • Reduce the data entry expense.
   • Transfer your practice and reduce staff workload by encouraging patient self service

   • Medical record
   • Medication
   • Appointment
   • Profile

   Providers and staff appreciate that call volume has gone down as patients use the porta.l
In one of the clinics, using secure messaging to provide lab results has saved the assistant from making five to 10 telephone calls per day With the patient portal implementation, call volume and work load is down and the assistant no longer needs to work overtime.
The response for Web encounters is much better compared with telephone encounters.

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