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Business situation:
   The Client is one of the top home furnishing material manufacturing companies in Europe. Client required an automated system to effectively manage the order with desired skill sets and the manufacturing process.The orders received by the Client needs to be manufactured in their factory. Each order goes through a sequence of manufacturing stages. Each stage in the manufacturing involves different set of skills. The sequence of manufacturing process needs to altered, depends on the type of order. Client required an automated system to effectively manage the order with desiredskill sets and the manufacturing process. The System also should allow the tracking of the order status and the manufacturing stages. As part of the order automation system, they want to control the necessary skills and sequence of the manufacturing

    To prepare an order automation system for the client where each order must goes through a sequence of manufacturing stages. We analyzed the Client ordering process, skill management process and the furnishing material manufacturing process. Nohitatu devised solution with modular design approach. The Solution consists of following modules.

Skill Management Module:
    The Skill management module has the capability to define a new skill and associate to a skilled worker. Workers with similar skills can be grouped together to form a skill group. Also a worker can be associated with multiple skills and can be part of multiple groups. This module is designed with a user friendly interface to create and assign skills to users and user groups

Task Management Module:
   The created tasks can be associated with a user or group with a required skill set. Set of tasks can be grouped to form a task template. This task template can be reused across multiple orders. Each task can show its status as Not Started, Started and Completed. Also each task can associated with clear timeline.

Job Management Module:
   Job Management module links theOrder management and the tasks. It associates the set of tasks or task templates to an order depending on the type of order. Once the order and job association is made, the system automatically calculates the total time required to manufacture the order and lists the associated skills. The job can be scheduled for manufacturing. Job management module tracks the tasks and displays the number of tasks completed, exact status of the task in progress and pending tasks.

Order management module:
   Orders are keyed in the system through order management module. Once the order is entered, it can be associated to Jobs using job management module.
   Our Client could use the new system from order entry, tasks assignment, job assignment to complete order tracking. Client could manage the manufacturing tasks with proper skill sets and could sequence the manufacturing process depend on the type of order Team:

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