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   Room booking that integrates into your hotel's website with plug-and-play ease and enables you to confirm reservations online in real time. It includes a real-time, multi-currency credit card, debit card, cash card, direct debit and mobile payment-collection facility, which helps you to close sales on your hotel website itself.

Business Situation:
Our client is running a resort in a peak tourism area. Faced problem in booking room through telephone where the customer is not that much aware of the new package. It leads to loss in their revenue.

Solution Provided:
Solution we provided is online booking software; where customer has the ability to view, select and book rooms without telephoning, emailing or waiting for a confirmation. Client can create and sell packages that are dynamically bundled with every room – or promoted as add-ons.

Room Booking Engine Software Features and benefits:
• Increased exposure and revenues through direct booking to your website
• Customizable to match the look and feel of your website and brand
• Real-time rates, rules, and availability information
• Ability to publish rich content to describe your property and rooms
• Dynamic deposit and cancellation policy based on room type and stay dates
• Packages (add-ons and retail items) can be bundled dynamically with rooms or used to create up-sell opportunities
• Comprehensive reports to monitor reservation activities
• Ability to deliver custom confirmation email with rich text and images

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