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Hotel CRM

   CRM support business by supporting the Sales and maintaining the relationship with the client. We bring a complete guest management tool for hotel owners to engage better with guests, allowing for more repeat clients and therefore increased revenues.

Business Situation:
Our client based on Newyork decided to launch a broad CRM initiative across their seven properties. The first step involved defining the information that would be most useful to have about their guests – the information on which they could act. When the dust settled, what they found most surprising was that they already had the ability to track most of this information in their existing PMS – what they didn’t have was a rigorous process to capture and cleanse the data on an ongoing basis. Their processes were lagging behind their technological capabilities. The result: uncaptured and unusable data. It wasn’t the system’s fault, though they were only too ready to spend money for the latest whistles

Solution Provided:
As a solution provider we offered CRM services provide content that is timely, relevant, dynamic, and always complementing seasons and events. In addition, carefully constructed content encourages your hotel guests to tell you their preferences, their feedback, and what will make their experience even better throughout the course of their stay.

Special Features:
Reservation Confirmations are designed primarily to transmit specific information to each guest about their upcoming stay, but more importantly to reinforce their decision to stay with you! Beautiful images and hints of the pleasures that lie ahead will help your guests to feel confident in choosing your property. Links to your property’s website are included throughout, to drive traffic and maximize the investment in your site.
Pre-Stay Marketing pieces (pre-arrival letters) are crafted to be the tail feathers in the peacock for your property. Rich imagery and compelling messages, linked respectively to your website, give opportunities to gather incremental revenue from your guests before they set foot on your property. Showcasing your location, amenities, dining, spa, sports and uniqueness is a sure route to increased revenue.
Cancellation Confirmations are sent to guests whose plans change, but Digital Alchemy doesn’t stop there. Cancellations can include links that open dialog with guests, looking for those who may have changed plans due to competitive pricing. Armed with this information, Revenue Managers can contact those guests with alternate offers to try to recapture that revenue. In everything we do, we do with our client’s bottom line in mind.

• Mailing campaigns easy to handle
• Adequate archiving and perfect support in marketing campaigns
• Easy management of potential customers
• Convenient allocation of enquiries to different sales staff
• Central customer base comprising either one or more hostels
• Administrative options allow simple handling of various contact persons
• Export of address data with varying attributes easily to choose
• Wide range of statistical data per guest available
• Perfect archiving of all customer communication
• Definition and choice of individual features possible
• Reservation history of all hostels

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