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   You have the ability to improve productivity, cut down on labor cost and also improve the quality of your decision making. Now if you ask this question to us our solution is HRRM software.
HRRM is a comprehensive Human Resource Recruitment Management System Software that brings greater organization and effectiveness to the full range of Human Resource functions and responsibilities in recruiting.

Client Situation:
    Client is looking for a product with requirement of attaching, screening, selecting, and on boarding a qualified person for a job.

Need of HRRM:
   When you need to make the recruitment task simple, cost-effective and fast, HRRM Solutions are the catalyst to ensure that you source and hire the best talent for your industry quickly and efficiently. Our easy-to-use tools help to streamline a company's entire recruitment process from requisition approval through to employee on boarding.

How it works:
   Employers or recruiters can post jobs. Job seekers can search and apply for those jobs attaching their résumés. Employers/recruiters can track all applicants in their special application tracking interface. Next step in HRRM has to retune the resumes using key words. Filtered resume are posted in screening module. It is followed by the interview process. The final is the offer letter; after the offer got issued our software will ask for the document submission of the candidates. It will maintain the entire work done of the employee till he/she works there. It is a window/web based application. If corresponding HR got dismissed /relieved, we can gather the details of any employee from our database from any location. Following recruitment of a successful candidate, information is easily transferred into our HR and Payroll modules, removing the need for duplicate entry of data and providing the basis for your new employee record.

Features of HRRM:
• Job posting
• Resume posting
• Screening
• Interview date
• Interview list
• Shortlisted for offer
• Document submitting
• Appraisal
• Report
HRRM benefits:
• HRRM is packed with features and standard reports allowing you to select the right applicants for the right jobs by matching their qualifications and skills with those required for the vacancy.
• Time consuming
• Cost-effective
• A highly versatile web-based application which makes it easy for candidates to view and apply for job vacancies online via your company website or internet.
•Manage your employee data from anywhere
•All data stored centrally on a powerful relational SQL Server database giving unprecedented levels of data storage, performance, scalability, reliability and security
•The real benefit of recruiting software comes from the improved productivity that results from having so much comprehensive and up-to-date information at your fingertips at all times.

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