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Debt Collection Agency CRM


   All the players in the industry expect fast, online & accurate system. Debt collection CRM will maintain the data in a centralized document in a secured manner.

    Business Situation:

Client named HDS (Haddows Decode Solution), They Maintain their data in Excel, Word document, Hard copy where traceability will be a major issue, reminders are tedious, the performances are ups and downs because of people dependent, and lot more other issues like backup / PC maintenance, Training etc, report generation is not on demand and very tedious, data were not secured


To avoid all the major issues, Nohitatu developed a web based APEAK 1.4. Import / Export excel sheet data to APEAK's live database, User based logins with different views and their assigned rights, Allocate / Reallocate the cases manually / automatically, Good tele-calling user interface for calling and giving feedbacks, Real-time dashboard view of calls and target meetings, Login and logout time report generates time sheet, Call reminders will pop up on time, Having customized short codes like PTP, NC, BP etc., APEAK automatically force to do their tasks and meets their assigned targets.

    Key challenges were:

   ♦ Reduce cost
   ♦ Increase production at least by 20%
   ♦ Call rates will increase
   ♦ Automated process
   ♦ Data secure
   ♦ Dash board views
   ♦ Real-time monitoring of performance from central console
   ♦ Individual real-time performance indicator
   ♦ Follow-ups are user friendly and accurate

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