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   The essence of a great accounting system is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. We have achieved this!"The heart of any business is a solid accounting and financial system as cash flow is its lifeblood. Accounting Software is a fully Integrated Inventory & Accounting ERP Solution exclusively designed for the all kind of Industry. Nohitatu Software is seamlessly links you’re Inventory, Financial Accounting & Manufacturing in one system. It functions as an accounting information system

Business Condition:
    On the basis of our field work we derived that manufacturing industry is looking for software that records & processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts, accounts receivable, payroll, and trial balance

Support from us:
   Accounting software works by utilizing ledger book. The ledger has three areas of record i.e. sales ledger, purchase ledger and general ledger. All sales are recorded in the sales ledger and any purchase is recorded in the purchase ledger book. These two ledgers also reflect the buyer and supplier’s payment. Also recorded is any outstanding balance. This type of software is commonly used in organizations that implement fund accounting as part of their record keeping.

   Another point worth mentioning is the interface. User friendly is not enough, the interface needs to be easy to use even if the user does not have an overall systems understanding, so screens need to be self-describing.

Features of account software:
• Party Registration
• Product Registration
• Purchase Order
• Purchase Entry
• Quotation
• Sales(Cash/Credit)
• Expenses
• Day Book
• Payment/Receipt
• Bulk Master
• Print Setting
• Report
o Outstanding
o Ledger
o P&L
o Bank Statement
o Total Purchase
o Total Sales
o Quotation to sales Conversation
o Pending& Due
o Tally Integration
Account Software benefits:
• Low cost of ownership (LCO) and favorable return on investment (ROI)
• Improve budgetary control and reduce accounting and audit costs through streamlined financial processes
• Increase visibility of corporate performance and key success factors o Enable effective global strategic management
• Reduce operating costs through reduced closing cycle
• Multi-period accounting resulting in improved financial management

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